A Hidden Dimension....one of Imagination

From Range’s storage room deep within the rat hole.

Always kind of liked this idea that came to me one day. It concerned the Hawk’s statement…“it’s easy to see if I show you where to look.” After gorging on some cheese, I turned that statement around to read…“it’s easy to look if I show you how, or where, to see”. Goes like this:

Given the 3-dimensions of a golf ball placed upon the ground ( which is a 2-dimensionsal plane with only width and depth) how we actually see that may make a difference. Can we see the ball on the ground as a 2-dimensional object that is now congruent with the ground’s 2-dimensional plane? And would that make a difference.

When I hold up a golf ball at eye level and really look closely and perhaps “beyond” the ball…I can see it as 2-dimensional: having only height and width…where did the depth go from that perspective. Now when I place the ball on the ground, I can see it as having only width and depth, just like the ground…where did the height go?

Kinda like hitting dimes off of very tight carpet…we will almost instictively make a flat move away from the dime and come in even flatter since we are almost hitting a 3-dimensional dime, that really has minimal height, as if it were really 2-dimensional.

Or cutting down a tree at a point exactly 1/2" above the ground. If the tree is 50’ tall, we could take the axe away from the tree onto any “elevated plane” we choose knowing we can re-route the axe down the 1/2" point…and because we know that we have a lot of height in the tree to allow for a “miss”. But what if the tree is only 5/8" tall? We would bend our knees and get quite shallow with our approach, because there is no margin for error.

Didn’t some of the greatest hitters in baseball decribe a world class fastball on its way to the plate as seeing “a flat pill”.

Time for me to take my pill :laughing: RR

As we say in Ireland, “Now we’re suckin’ diesel”
Great stuff, Double R… you’re a man after my own heart- this is what I see as intentions, the mental understanding of the goal that then creates the physical action. This stuff is the heart of the impact question and ‘why’ of the shallow attack, and could also be seen as the other dimension of Hogan’s sugar cube analogy. I’ve thought similarly about the ‘where to look’ idea. I think I hit on some of the ball perspective stuff in another thread somewhere, about how we’re just looking down at a white object without really grasping that it’s a ball. Playing around with different sized balls(thank you, Capt.) is a great way to re-relate to how you need to contact the golf ball and how the club needs to approach it in order to maximize propulsion.
I like trying to swing at leaf debris on the concrete patio- much like the coin on the carpet, you instinctively get into some very cool and desirable movements all based on the change of intentions, not to mention low point understanding. This also relates to how the field hockey players get into such good positions in a natural athletic way.
Great stuff my man…