A different 9-3 drill

I came over slicefixer’s 9-3 drill last week. You can see it here: golfwrx.com/forums/topic/146 … hmuchmore/

The part that stands out for me anyway is that you’re supposed to hold your right wrist bend all the way to the finish. And you really need to swing the hands with the pivot to be successful. Slicefixer ( Geoff Jones) is highly inspired by Ben Hogan and teaches a swing where you swing left. He seems to have the same ball striking idols as the rest of us. I see a lot of similarities with ABS here although I’m not sure if his thinking about how to get there is quite the same or not.

I tried his drill a few days ago and it did miracles to the rhythm - and especially the synchronisation of hands and pivot turn. I could do all kinds of stuff after doing this for an hour, including dumping my hands at the ball, never release and anything between.

Although I haven’t tried it yet, I have a feeling that the ABS wrists torquing is a big enabler in keeping this 9-3 farm all into the finish. I guess some of you guys are familiar with this drill as well as slicefixer’s take on things. I’d like to hear what you think about it.

I know Slice’s teachings well and have read his Texarkana Encyclopedia and tried his 9-3 drill. I think the main difference b/w Slice and Lag is that Geoff believes that the hands play no role in the swing, that the pivot powers everything. Lag teaches that the hands, along with a strong pivot, play an active role if you have the strength to engage them at the proper time. This was a huge lightbulb for me as I had spent my entire golfing life trying to time a passive swing.

I came across a swing of one of Slice’s students recently where he was struggling with OTT and Slice told him to get that fixed before coming down to see him again. In fairness, I’m sure Slice gave him specific ways to maybe eradicate it. Why I shudder is that that guy may not be able to figure it out on his own. What I love about ABS is that there is a very specific protocol, practice regimen utilizing a properly set up impact bag and instructional roadmap that leaves nothing to chance. ABS really is a brilliant way forward. Slice’s 9-3 drill at ABS could perhaps be termed a 9-6 drill, with 6 being the bag. Nothing is left to chance. All intentions are purposeful and powerful. If you root around here, you’ll hear stories and testimonies of ABS bringing someone shooting 120 to 84 in two years, and other improvements. Two years is not a lot of time and I know this is one thing both Slice and Lag would agree on in terms of making real improvements in one’s swing.

That said, deep respect for Slicefixer and his study and admiration of Hogan. He is one of us. Welcome and look forward to hearing more on your take and others opinions.

Sorry, Lefthook, should have look at your name before posting. You’ve been around these parts longer than me!

He calls himself slicefixer because he tells people with a slice to get it fixed. Makes sense :slight_smile:.
But seriously, I found his encyclopedia texarkana to be a very good read. There are some gems in there (apart from the passive hands stuff)… I think that the passive hands thing does correlate with his belief that a strong left hand is essential.

I hear Slice’s ‘barn’ is legendary. He has a most complete videography of Hogan swings, things from film strips that have been converted to video. Might be stuff no one has seen. He utilizes a camera setup from all angles, especially the back view and overhead, and students’ swings don’t escape any scrutiny. Teaches a lot of promising juniors and they spend a lot of time on his range, affectionately known as ‘Misery Hill.’ One of his most promising students was a 20-something Matt Loving who was just starting to make a name for himself on the Nationwide, until he was tragically killed in a car accident. Matt’s swing is the model used for the 9-3 drill. Had a lot of Hogan in it.

gothamgolfblog.com/2010/06/g … art-3.html

I’m impressed…

I’ve had my moments with the wrist torque, but it usually does more harm than good to me on the course still. I believe Lag is 100% correct but I still struggle to translate it to my own game. The ABS has improved my back stroke by increasing the “rotation awareness” and that is pretty valuable.

But I agree 100% on your take on the difference between the two approaches. Same goal, basically. But different approaches. I’ve also read slicefixer’s encyclopedia and I really like how he words his point of view. He describes what needs to be done in the golf stroke with terms evokes some of the right feels for me. I am sure that TGM is more precise and as correct in many regards but TGM isn’t quite “body language” if you know what I mean.

Nothing against the bag drills. I like it a lot. I think I’ve been playing golf for decades with undereducated hands. That says a lot about ABS and most other advices you read, IMO.

But a 9-3 drill where you’re required to hold the right wrist to the finish doesn’t leave much to chance either. It puts a lot of emphasis post impact. I hope Lagpressure chimes in here, because I have a feeling that this drill fits nicely in with ABS.

It is “almost” the same as module 4…