A Conversation with Mod One student David Olsen

The incredible power of the modules in action !‎Flaghuntersgolfpod: Just how in the HECK do we start from the Beginning to Build a Better Swing ???? I’ve Got David Olsen from Advanced Ball Striking to tell YOU !!!! on Apple Podcasts

Must be pretty rare to knock 5 shots off your PB and shoot level par, normally a shot at a time once you get to that level. Just shows what great intentions can do. But to own it and do it week in and week out still takes a lot work.

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Just listened to it and an older one with Neil. Both were good. Is John going to be on Flaghunters? I keep seeing excerpts on his youtube channel.

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I just released Part One of my conversation with John ! Here’s the link. ‎Flaghuntersgolfpod: WE ARE DIVING IN ! A Fantastic Two Part Conversation with John Erickson, Founder of Advanced Ball Striking on Apple Podcasts


Here’s part Two of my conversation with John Erickson ! Enjoy ‎Flaghuntersgolfpod: Part Two of A Thought Provoking and Important Conversation with the Founder of Advanced Ball Striking, John Erickson on Apple Podcasts