A Christmas Story

My wife and I are exchanging gifts this morning, and being the foody I am, hands me a small rectangular bar of bacon-infused chocolate–all the rage lately. The title on the package has a picture of a bacon strip and chocolate bar on the cover and says: ‘Mo’s Bacon Bar.’ I kid you not. I’m staring at this, mouth agape. (My wife, btw, has no interest in my golfing exploits and knows little of my ongoing education, nor have I discussed ABS.) I read the package, maybe the person who put this together is named Mo. Nope, nothing, a woman named Katrina, not Canadian, as far as I can tell, no explanation about why she named this ‘Mo.’

First it was the carpet remnants sitting in my garage the last two years, thinking I’ve got to get rid of them and then thinking, save them, you might be able to use them someday. And now Mo’s Bacon Bar.

Well, all I can say is 2011 should be an interesting year!