A bit of a joke

I just watched the ending of the Australian Ladies Masters.

45 players finished at 10 under or better. 24 under won and two other players got 20 under. The cut was 4 under. The entire field that played on the weekend finished under par.

The day four action I watched I saw massive greens with pins cut in easy access positions. No tough chips. Approach shots missing the pin by 15 yards any direction didn’t end up in trouble because they ended up in the best lie of all–on the green.

I saw wide fairways with a ton of run. I saw constant short iron approach shots. I saw putts drained from everywhere.

It’s mocking the game IMO.

O man, having just read about your temper incident I thought I was going to read another funny kind of joke.

Disapointed… :unamused:

Golf can be a humbling game…

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