90's Apex #4 shafts vs. '60s Apex #4 shafts

I understand the Hogan company used a few different shaft manufacturers over the years. How would a set of '90s #4 shafts compare to the older version?

Would the '90s #4 compare closest to a modern TT DG S300, S400, S500, or X100?

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Pinzer - its not the easiest question to answer - perhaps try WRX or the Wishon forum at http://www.wishongolf.com/twforum/register.asp for folks who might have some useful knowledge


I’ve swung the 90’s version Hogans with Apex 4’s and my guess is that it would be close to a s300 or s400. I’ve not swung anything with an s500 in it so I can’t comment on that. I’m pretty confident it’s not going to be comparable to an X100 (the Apex 5 would probably be closer to that).

But… I would think any differences in feel and performance would also be a function of the clubhead that the shaft is in, shaft lengths, your swing, etc, so there may not be a universal answer.


I’ve got a 90’s Apex 4 in an Apex PC 2-iron and it’s as stiff as a board. Back in the 90’s, the QC on golf shafts was horrendous, even with the steel shafts. Graphite shafts back then were horrendous.

I had some Aldila graphite shafts in a driver and 3-wood I think in 1995 and I couldn’t hit the driver at all, but crushed the 3-wood. They were labeled X-stiff. We measured the 3-wood and it came out to X-stiff. The driver? Ladies stiff flex!

I also had some TT DG X100’s in a set of Founders Club 200 series blades and their measurements were all over the place. I think the shafts have greatly improved in this area, particularly with the Dynamic Gold steel shafts as well. Much more consistent flex wise. So my guess with the Apex 90’s shaft, they were probably all over the place with the flex due to my experience with shafts from the 90’s.