7800 Yard Golf Course!

IN 1969! :open_mouth:

Even this kind of silly ego thing now… is NOTHING NEW!!!

Once a year, at the end of the season in the east, some friends of mine would go up to the Concord, in the New York Catskill Mountains, and play the course from the tips—7,800 yards—except it played like 8,600 yards because the course has underground streams and is soft all the time. The time I played it with these guys, in the persimmon age let me remind you, by the time I got to the 17th, a par-four, I had yet another 4-wood to get home and was afraid that with that swing I would get a hernia. I was exhausted, and fearful for my health. I think I hit a 6-iron, then another one, just be safe. I had a young wife, don’t you know. The Concord is famous as maybe the first course ever to bill itself as a Monster. Jimmy Demaret played the Tour out of the Concord for awhile, and was also the director of golf. The resort has fallen on bad times, but it was the ultimate in Jewish resort living, and food. Six meals a day. You needed that golf course to work off the potato pancakes, among other stuffings.
Al Barkow