'72 Wilson Dynapower Buttonbacks 2-sw

I happened into some Buttonbacks at a good price but sadly have no room to keep them. They are 2-sw with original stiff steel shafts (red shaft band). The grips are green victory cord on the 3-sw and are in very good, playable shape. The 2 iron has the original grip that needs to be replaced. SW has some significant wear, the rest are in exceptional shape for their age. A classic set - one of the best of the Dyna line. I did not adjust the loft or lie in any way - they appear to be near “standard”. They feel very heavy with no offset.

Asking $90 shipped - PayPal only



Alas, I just picked up a set of '76 Wilson Staffs. Otherwise I would have been all over these. Good luck with the sale.