4:30 line

So if I were to go to the range for a practice session and spray paint a target line and a 4:30 line intersecting it, what would I focus on? Do the hands swing over the line? Is it the clubhead/sweet spot like demonstrated at m.youtube.com/watch?v=TmenSgY4XUc ? Should we focus on trying to lay the shaft on the line? Any input is appreciated.

Good post I would ask in the private students section for best results if you are a student.

IMHO if one was to practice with that device, your misses on the course will become snap hooks… :astonished:

Shaft at delivery. I think that’s been mentioned on public videos. Hands obviously take a tighter path. That device looks no where near 4.30 though.

Think hands and shaft coming down 4:30 line to P3. That’s the launching pad for everything we work on moving forward here at ABS.

If someone had early extension of the spine or if their arms became disconnected and continued following that line out to right field after impact then they would certainly hit snap hooks, but proper connection and pivot rotation drags the club back onto the target line at impact and then left of it post impact causing the ball to fly very straight or with a slight draw. I’ve been working on Stack and Tilt (essentially MORAD based instruction) for awhile and this device is extremely helpful when working on the inward hand path and the proper sweet spot delivery.
The reason I asked the question here is because I see a lot of similarities between the Stack and Tilt geometry and the ABS principles. Stack and Tilt has a steeper shoulder turn and a more in line release post impact due to the focus on spine extension and push draws, but the hand path and club delivery principles are very similar.

As Moe would say… BOING!! :slight_smile:

upload a gif


       I takes a lot of unnecessary work to hit the 4:30 line with the stack and tilt method (reverse pivot) and it's much easier on the body to load into the right leg.. That's just asking for back issues.. Bradley has a good backswing vid he released to synch up things to make it much easier to slot it.. For me personally, it feels like I'm the 4:30 line in the backswing , but I rarely use video or trackman stuff because the trackman in my brain is much smarter and video completely looks different from feel.. Some people say Jack Nicklaus used the stack and tilt method, but that's complete BS.. If he did, we would have never heard of Jack Nicklaus.. Big reason Tiger is injured by trying to stay on top of the ball.. Back go snap.. I'll say it, Sean Foley sucks..