2009 trip to Presidents Cup

had a great week visiting Lag in San Francisco.
Did some terrific module work ( you guys are in for a treat as you progress through the modules now I know more!!) on the back deck. Really started to feel my swing start to evolve again. Terrific learning tool is the bag and a few other tools we used to x-ray my swing and work on pointing it farther along the track to improvement
We played at Mare island- terrific little course. We played at The Olympic Club which is the site of past US Opens and the future site for 2012. What a fantastic course. We also played at Pasatiempo in Santa Cruz. Great course designed by Alistair MacKenzie and also where he lived in the 1930’s.
Hung out with Al Barkow, which was a treat to hear his great stories and he played with us at Pasatiempo (persimmons and old blades only!!) and did very well and enjoyed going back to the older equipment.
Watched the tuesday practice rounds at the Presidents Cup and met up with most of the players. that was fun to catch up with them again.
It was very interesting for Lag to see an event up close and personal as it had been over 12 years since he had seen a golf tournament in the flesh. He had some great insights into it all and how the guys struck the ball.

A couple of photos from the Presidents Cup…
Lag by the 09 sign and myself by the 1994 sign that I was a part of.

Have posted a heap of swings to view in the private forum under ‘swings from the tour’

Lag swinging a drive from the 9th tee at The Olympic Club with the beautiful clubhouse in the background

Al Barkow using Lag as his model for his new putting book

Myself and Al on the 5th tee at Pasatiempo CC

Tell us more!

More photos too!


I second Styles :exclamation:
More stories and pix please :exclamation:

I posted tons of pics in the Classic Courses with Classic Gear thread here…

OK…so it looks like according to Vijay I am more memorable than Elkington !!!

Full questionnaire link: ingolfwetrust.com/players/Me-Mys … index.aspx