1991 Windsor Classic

Blast from the past. Interesting stuff. Lag came back from a car crash just like Hogan! Great reading from a lifetime ago with lag and two battling it out .

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Love Canada :canada: pretty good deals at the Patio. $4.95 T bone steak and no cover :grinning:. Aja ? Coming to studio 4 too.

Not to be outdone figured I would search for our other resident former touring pro. Love to hear about that albatross. You really down played your playing career on the podcast. Pretty awesome stuff.

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Here’s one other thing that blows me away from July 1998. Driving distance leaders under 300 yards. Wow how far has this distance boom gone in 25 years.

This also was interesting seeing Rory hit a persimmon 255 carry. Some comments if it was fit blah blah would go 300. But look at this quick comparison. Crazy.

I was playing possibly the best golf of my life when I won that tournament. I think I holed a 4 iron for that albatross, and was 9 under for the round when we shook hands on the 13th. The next week I finished 3rd after a final round of 60 (12 under). I imagine I was maintaining some shaft flex during that streak :slight_smile:

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That’s so awesome. People don’t realize how tough competition is. Pretty cool the level of players here. Big difference between some pga “pros” and our 3 ex touring pros I know about.

Did you know about holding shaft flex then??? Or you just had played so much you got to that level then might not have known how to get back there if you lost it. Seems like the story of my whole golfing life not career. :grinning:. Glad you are back enjoying the game.