1974 Hogan Directors

I came across a set of Hogan Directors 2-wedge (apex#4 shaft) Good club for a hitter? Any feedback would be great as I was wondering if these were ABS worthy? Thanks for any help and I Hope everyone has a good Holiday!
photo (9).JPG
photo (8).JPG

While these are certainly respectable blades… there have been better Hogan releases. Given the plethora of stuff out there on ebay, Apex, Apex ll, Bounce Soles, PC, Power Thrust, and Personals… I would put these near the bottom of the list for Hogan blades along with the Director model.

Not a bad set by any means… just stuff a lot better as far as weight distribution and head shape. Just my opinion. There have been a lot of fine rounds and tournaments won with Director and Producer irons. These are way better clubs than the Radials and Edge releases which are horrible.