1971 Wilson Button Back Iron Set

Wilson Ultra-Lite Shafts - Stiff
$100 + $15 Shipping







I’ll take these off your hands. How should we proceed with the transaction? I work from 6:30 am til 6:30 pm tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. Let me know.

Gerry Gunter

Did you get your hands on these Gerry? 1st refusal!

No, they were sold.

Ah bugger…

Found these today, unfortunately says seller wont ship to UK. Only drawback is the shafts…

ebay.com/itm/Wilson-Staff-Fl … 5d3500b08e

me likey

Yeah I’ll keep looking here and on eBay. How do I distinguish between the regular and stiff shafts?

on older staffs from the 60’s early 70’s, if they have a small red band about 6-8 inches up from the hosel, they are stiff, heavy and
stiff back then i stiffer than today from what i can tell.

there is alot of stuff from that vintage that is ultralite, not sure what they weigh but the name scares me.