1968 Gary Player- What Makes A Championship Course


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Hard to pull a quote or two from that article…

The entire article is spot on. Modern architects should be required to memorize that entire article word for word,
and if they fail to remember even one sentence, then it should be branded onto their body with a red hot iron.

This whole idea of the homogenized golf course that has been going on is simply a very bad idea.

I wonder if Player’s view is still the same after all these years. I would hope so.

That was very eloquently written… thanks for posting.

I’m new to ABS and just now reading this. Great post, this is one of the best articles on course design I have ever read. I really appreciate you taking the time to share it.

His talk about par 5’s just shows how different the game is. He says there should be a par 5 that NOBODY can reach and that to reach a par 5 in two you should have to flirt with trouble.

There are no par 5’s now a days that nobody can reach and players are often hitting 4 irons or lower into them even if they’re 580+ yards long.

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I think in the last 5 years of watching The Masters, I’ve seen more than one guy hitting 8 iron into 13 and even 15. Those holes don’t make sense anymore from an architectural standpoint. Green depth and estimated trajectory are the key factors now being overlooked.

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