1967-68 Dynapowers for sale

excellent overall shape

90.00 plus shipping

re gripped on 9 iron (golf pride tour velvet)
re gripped on 5 iron (golf pride tour velvet)
re gripped on 7 iron (golf pride tour wrap)
the rest are Lamkin sillouettes

Staff Pro (regular) shafts-original
PW appears to be non-matching, but that’s not too unusual for that era

these are the grooves on the 7-8 and 9 iron pretty nice

Are those clubs still for sale?

yes sir…

hi bentshaft,
sent ya a email / message a while back. If those dynas are still availalbe, I am interested.


I never saw your PM (I did see a notice in my e mail)
I PM’d you…
Not sure if you got it—
maybe a mail problem here on this site? not sure…
In any case—still available…thanks for the interest
bbobby22 at yahoo.com


bent bob,
just sent ya a note at bbobby22 at yahoo.com


these are sold
thanks hawg

Hey Bentshaft,
These dynas arived 15 mins ago. They look WAY better in my golf bag than they do in these pix. Thanks for settin’ me up. First round with ‘em is tomorrow.
i feel like a little kid on Christmas eve, I’m gonna be up at 0h dark thirty jonesin’ for the round.


Hey Hawg
Glad you are happy with them…
They are a good looking set indeed, but of course the set I kept are in better shape!! LOL
Now all you need is to drop some X300s in those babies!!
a pleasure to meet you here—Enjoy!!


Hey Bent,
This is a note from one very Happy Camper in Spudland

Got those Dynas on the track last thursday. Oh wow.
What a difference those sticks make. It was my first round with blades, and boy oh boy, do they give feedback.

Happy to say I can now bin my driver (at least until the ebay persimmons arrive). I’ll take 220 with roll right down the centre vs. 300 and change in the woods / swamp/ boheeka any day.

No, it’s no fun when a seven-tenths connection on a nine iron finds the bunker (I had no idea how much help perimeter weighted irons provided), but ooh wee, when you pure one, man, does that feel good. And those silhouette grips? It’s like they were made for my hands. Are they really legal?

For those who never held them (and that included me up until a couple of days ago) silhouette grips have a prounounced reverse taper about an inch and a half from the but end of the grip, which then returns to normal width, forming a sort of notch, as it were… My left heel pad slots right in there like the designer used my had as a model.

If the lightning horn hadn’t gone off as we were walking to 18, there was a decent chance I could carded a two over on the back nine ( well, I did, but for only 8 holes.) I know that’s no great shakes to the scratch golfers on here, but it woulda been the first time I ever entered a score for nine holes (on a regulation par 72 course) that started with a 3.

I know, woulda coulda shoulda. Suffice to say, it was the best round of ball striking ever. And those dynas were a HUGE element of that.

Thanks again for hookin’ me up.