1959 Canada Cup Official Program

I have this program in my collection. 1959 Canada Cup International Trophy played at Royal Melbourne
This was the first event that the now world famous composite course was used to play an event on where holes from the East course and the West course were entwined so the galleries would all stay within the confines of the one boundary fence and not have to cross roads which the normal sequence of both courses bring upon.

Australia was represented by Peter Thomson and Kel Nagle
America represented by Sam Snead and Cary Middlecoff
Canada represented by Al Balding and Stan Leonard
England represented by Peter Allis and Bernard Hunt
Ireland represented by Harry Bradshaw and Christy O’Connor (Snr)
Other teams from Argentina, Egypt, Japan, Holland and all corners of the globe

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here is a link with insights about the event by the great golf writer- Herbert Warren Wind

Thought it would be fun to show the advertisements of the day. Good viewing.

Spalding Golf Balls

East Bros golf clubs

Gary Player Slazenger clubs- now these would be a real find in the ebay world

Peter Thomson- Holeproof Millionaire Collection- Looking good Thommo

Kel Nagle Chesterfields Club- Addington Arnies favourites !

Looks like they decided they could get away with a Ben Hogan silhouette in the upper left corner

True temper Shafts- all competitors used them!!

maybe they were the only shafts made in those days? Good advertising skills though

Coco Cola- will still rot your stomach- love the old glass bottles it can in

I do believe my first ever golf bag was something similar to this

Dunlop- Peter Thomson British Open Champion
Lew Hoad Wimbledon Tennis Champion

can’t argue with that

HV Trousers- the swing-the grip-the stance- the trousers

What about the club?

Kel Nagle- and a close shave

Hope he got some $$$ as he went on to be the Open Champion a year later

Who said golfers of that era didn’t work out or have fitness on their mind

Don’t quite get why America had to get mentioned- did they invent fitness?

Enjoyed all that Two, great stuff! Read Herbert Warren Winds report, singularly impressive that he didn’t even mention the actual result! What a line up though, I would have loved to see Harry Bradshaw (double overlap like Furyk) and Cheng Ching Po and Pete Nakamura as well as the big big draws that you listed.

Not sure that Harry Bradshaw or Bobby Locke had a Charles Atlas workout!