1958 Tommy Armour Velocitized

Hi There,

I wanted to anybody who may be interested in a very nice set of SS1W Tommy Armour Velocitized woods (1,2,3,4 woods), that I listed a set on the big auction site.

cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … :MESELX:IT

I’ll over anybody on this forum a really good beginning of the new year deal. $160.00 shipped anywhere in the US. They have been refinished, but everything else is original, grips, propel no.1 shafts.


from the pricing guide in the equipment forum.

Looks like a clean set.


Thanks Lag! I would consider a Trade, but it would have to be a club from a guy named Rob in Texas and it’s gotta have a Texas sole plate. LOL. Just kidding… or am I ?

Hi Freddie and Happy New Year!

As tempting as it is, I gotta hang on to that WB! :smiley:

Please don’t forget to post the DW refinish job when you get it back!!!


Yeah Robbo, I knew you wouldn’t jump at that, you’d be nuts to ever get rid of that blonde beauty. Will post pics when I get the clubs back. Dave is about 2 days away from completion. Happy New Year to you too.