1958 dynapower pitching wedge

Just picked up a 58 model to use as my pitching wedge, looks great, no bend marks or whatnot, took it to a friend to bend it to 49 to match my specs… It’s at 58.5 degrees… I think it became my lob wedge…
Were the lofts that weak in 58???

Haha wow. No I don’t think 58 degrees is typical even for that era but a lot of older pitching wedges will come in higher than 49. I could be wrong though. I re shafted and gripped a set of pc5 irons and I would guess the pw is 51 degrees give or take a degree.
Hey maybe you will like it as a higher lofted wedge though. Good luck

Yeh I was pretty surprised, but… it seems to have very little bounce, makes it kinda useful with the blade square for short pitches, cant open the face though as the bounce comes into play then from the flange… I have no clue why its so lofty! I would have thought it to be around 50-52 or so?