1956 or 1960-61 Dynas'.. which?

Good Day All !..

Been contemplating 1 more set of Wilson Dynapowers…to kinda round out my collection
I have a set of 1971 Button backs and really dig those!
… Saw a couple sets on ebay that look promising, Anyone have any thoughts between the 1956 or the 1960-61 Dyna’s… which might be heavier, toe or heel weight bias, sole profile etc…


I have a set of the 56’ 57’ Dynas and they are very heavy. I prefer them to the older 60’ dynas because they are a tad bit smaller size head. I prefer smaller heavy heads.

I play the 56 heads most… but mainly because of the tipped rocket shafts that came in them and they still have the original leather wraps on them that amazingly are still in great shape.

My personal likings… mostly just based upon what fits my eye the most are the button backs, the turfriders, and the bullets…
and of course the 59’s I like a lot also.

Right now I am really looking over the 50’s Spalding releases… especially some of the persimmon blocks.

Thanks Guys,

The set of 56’s I am checking out look, good and has the original leather grips…
seller can’t identify the shafts, but for the price, still a good buy…

Lag, I definitely am on the hunt for some Spalding model 28 persimmons,
apparently thise are some really solid heads!