1956 Black Dynapowers (+ 1954 Spaldings)

1956 Dynas refinished in black. New S300s and large grips. Progressive swing weights. Good candidates for ABS, you’d just lies/lofts adjusted.

They’re pretty and feel nice, I just don’t use them and need to get them out of my closet. $200 OBO - includes shipping in the US.

3-PW, GW

My spec sheet. I do this with a tape measure and kitchen scale (including calculating SW by hand, no SW scale here). It might not be perfect but gives you a very good idea.

Lastly, I have a set of 1954 Spaldings. 2-SW with green rocket shafts. Good candidates for ABS. However, I ground some of the heads to hit target weights so they look odd. $20 plus cost of shipping. I can get pics/more details if someone is interested.
Rough specs for those. Best for average or shorter than average people, unless you add extensions.