1954 MacGregor M85W refinish

Here are some great before and after pics of a super M85 I’m having refinished. Its just about done and its coming out real nice. The club was in perfect condition before the Restore. Everything down to the shaft was all original, including the mahogany paint, the leather grip was replace with a Pro Only. Most M85 have a small lead weight on the back of the head, this one does not. Dave thought when he removed the sole plate, there was a chance it could be one of those rare solid blocks, like Norman’s M43, no such luck, lol, small tiny cavity under the plate the size of the tip of your pinky finger. I was tempted to keep it as it, but thought this club would look dynamite refinished. Dave Wood was able to keep the neck numbers in place during the process. Hope you like the pics.OrigM85 007s.jpg

What a wonderful looking club…

All the more reason to love persimmon… the look, the feel, the sound, and the ability to play a wider palate of golf shots.
Better feedback, and a much deeper experience overall to resonate with.

Sell your frying pans and go persimmon!

REALLY nice Freddie…

I have a “newer” (mid 80s?) set of SEOM in pretty rough shape that I will try to restore myself this winter
Hopefully, I will have pics in a couple months