17th at St Andrews to be lengthened for 2010 Open



Why not just stick the tee behind the wall and make them hit a flop shot for a tee shot.

This golf stuff is ridiculous.
“In The Open of 2005 the 17th hole didn’t play how it was designed to be played”------------ Isn’t that true of almost 95% of all PGA Tour holes-- none of them play how they were originally designed to be played.
Goodness me- the road hole has a blind tee shot over a wall, around a hotel, to a tiny slanting fairway that then leaves a long/mid iron approach that can’t be short because it goes in a cavernous bunker that is nigh impossible to get out of, or if you miss the bunker you have all kinds of crazy humps and hollows to contend with. If your approach is long you are on a road with bitumen and potholes and rocks, or up against another wall. You then have to chip up a 4 feet bank—on and on

I thought the Road Hole was hard enough as it was- these guys have rocks in their heads. It will be one big bitch fest from the players after this one takes shape.