17th at PGA National

just how hard is that shot ? 154yds into a breeze (maybe a wind earlier today i wasn’t watching), green tilted towards you - more than half the field have missed the green.

I know it’s not real cool to disrespect the guys that are out there from the perspective of my playing ability (i actually hate to hear weaker players knocking good ones) but that does seem like a markedly poor return for a mid iron approach from a perfect lie - i guess i’m seeing the tour in a little different light these days - Sabbatini hit 6/14 fwys today for a 66 - the putter is king

there would be a few who have played that PGA National no doubt, perhaps the 17th is tougher than i’m giving it credit for ?

Was it playing only 154 today?

Looks like a great par 3–I don’t usually like Nicklaus’ courses but upon looking it up I see the Fazio’s designed the course with Nicklaus only redesigning.

I could imagine it being tricky to hit. Green totally exposed to wind, condos changing any crosswinds into head/tail winds felt on the tee, green angles away in the direction that has pulls long in the bunker/trees, pushes short in the water. Bring it in left-to-right and the head wind could balloon you short and wet, tail wind push you into the bunker. Right-to-left scary. Not sure how I’d play it. Anyone here played it?


I was wathcing early in the telecast and a lot of guys were hitting 6i or more. Must have been a pretty stout wind then.