Wrist Break

When are we suppose to break our wrists in our back swing? I have done lots of Mod 1 training and i find myself breaking, cocking, or rolling my wrists very early on my takeaway. I know that our mod 1 positioning is impact, but i cant seem to separate my takeaway and the MOD 1 training impact starting point (hands, wrist wise) when taking the club back. My peers noticed i break or roll my wrists and hands way to early…is there a certain time we suppose to break them?


Is one of the effects of Mod 1 training is getting us to break and cock our wrist earlier than usual? Im sure your later mods will take care of this, i think.


Brandon Peck


I’d ask this again in the module 1 forum, but there is no time or method to how we take the club back as golfers. In ABS the modules build our swing. A back swing method is not advocated either…though options are covered in later modules.

IMHO, I set early and come inside quick as I’m not a fan of loops or delaying the action. I let the lower body action act as my governor. In fact, those who know me best would say that I cock early, fully and often, but that is probably for another forum. :wink:

Captain Chaos