Work hard, play hard

I’ve reviewed 14 pages and could not find a proper place to post this story, so I think it’s appropriate to start this simple thread. In my circle of friends and passionate golfers, we all work very hard at our jobs. Then we have the home maintenance chores, family obligations, business tasks on the weekends, bill paying, bookkeeping, etc. Then we find time for golf.

A little story about golf.

This weeekend, I finished painting around the house. So…I went to my home course to play 18. (Second round of the year). Was not satisfied with my ball striking. Bob (bentshaft) caught up with me on 16, and we played the last 3 holes together. Off to the range. (He hit a small bucket). I beat 400 balls. A gentleman next to Bob said, “You guys should play Three …'s. The greens are just great.” Bentshaft says “Tom, you want to play tomorrow?” “Yes. I have not played that course in 15 years. Sure, how about 8:00?”.

I arrive at the course, Sunday early. Putting on the practice green. The Pro shows up and opens the shop. I see in the corner a Hogan staff bag like mine. (Un-believeable). I go in to introduce myself, and he says “I see your bag off the 1st, your’re a Hogan fan?” Well, we were like old friends after about 1 minute.

Bob (Bentshaft) arrives. Early morning, High Sierra foothills, course to ourselves, and had a wonderfull time. Most of the time we walked down the fairways together. Just a beautiful morning.

A side note on the round. #8. 183 yds. Bob flushes a 4 iron to 8 ft. I have a 4 in my hands. He turns and says “flushed a 4”. So…I hit mine, and back to back flushed 4 irons onto that green. Mine was 15 ft. (2 pars).

We finish. Go into the shop to thank the Pro for a wonderfull round. Are we done? NO. More work. Back to home course to practice. Another 200 balls for me and about 100 for Bob.

We both just love practicing.

I get home, tell my wife about the great time, and by the way “will you take my video, I need to get another one to Lag”. “Sure lets go”.

So, about 40 to 50 hours a week working hard, and about 16 hours on the weekend playing hard.

work hard-play hard part 2

So I had played a BUNCH all week, and practiced quite a bit as well…I showed up a little late on the following Saturday morning
as I was tired and feeling a bit beat up. Hoganut was just finishing up an early round with an 82 (persimmon of course, as he doesn’t own anything else)
We chat a bit and off to the range we go…he gets TWO huge baskets for himself and was nice enough to buy me one (my birthday was the day before)

We work…we sit and chat…and work some more…fun times…

As the morning goes on, we are hitting the ball pretty well, aiming at targets etc. He hits a couple of clunkers, and says
“that was tired swing” I look over and he has hit about 300 range balls…

bentshaft: “well geez Tommy, you have hit 382 balls today…being tired is OK”
Hoganut: " Bahh, I’m not tired…besides 32 of those balls were putts"

Back to work we went…Damn, we love golf…


It’s great to have a regular playing partner, especially if you take the noble persimmon and blade path through this game.
It’s not quite as lonely that way. :slight_smile:

Just a simple follow-up. On Saturday, Bentshaft brought his Wood Bros. Texan. He was practicing with it. Then on Sunday, we met at the Three Rivers golf club I talked about earilier. We go to the first tee. I’m tee’d up, just kind of practice swinging, when Bent walks down with the Wood Bros. I say “persimmon Bob?” He says “Oh, crap…left it in the bag from yesterday”. I say, “come-on, lets go with it”.

Well, he just nailed it off the 1st. And the 3rd. On the 5th, (In my supidity) I suggested he smash his titanium. It didn’t turn out too well. Bentshaft finished the round with the Wood Bros., and played great. (Possibly another full-time convert).