Wilson Classics

Found a set of irons in great shape in a thrift store. The only markings on them is the name “Wilson Classic”. The are a small muscleback blade, with no markings on the shaft. Right now I am assuming that these may be a retail-store only version made by Wilson. Haven’t had a chance to hit them yet, but they feel pretty good swinging them weight wise. Does anyone know any thing about these. Contacted Wilson support, but they had no info. Including a pic I posted to another site looking for help.


Geoff W.

I’ve had good luck with Wilson Golf’s service dept. There’s a way to do it on their site, but now I just send my questions to: Wilson@mycusthelp.com …You just send them a pic of the club and what you’re looking to have answered. It takes them a day or two to reply, but they haven’t left me hanging yet.

Nice looking clubs, btw!!!

Bit hard to see the entire club in that photo…but if it looks something like this below then I think you will like them

This is a set I have of jerry Pate personal- it was like a special commemorative or limited edition model… even though your set say “Classic” the back and sole look very similar to this set of mine. I like these sticks so you probably have a good find on your hands… There is an Andy Bean set of these also which I have but are not in as good a condition as these Pate’s are but similar look


Thanks!!! I’ll try to post some better pictures of them as soon as possible. The faces look like they have either never been hit or used once or twice.

More Pictures of the Wilson Classics.

Those look to be the same model of iron!!! Do you have the specs for them (mainly loft)?


Nice sticks… You will like them…No…I wouldn’t have a clue about the specs. So no help there
I have my own loft/lie machine and always bend mine to what I want them to be spec wise, so I don’t know what any industry standard for any set is really because I always shift them to how I want them to be set up

Did you send a pic to the Wilson Support email I put in the 2nd post? They should be able to get you the exact specs.

Actually had to send it twice… Forgot to attach the photos on the first one :blush:

So how do they feel compared to other sets that you have hit? Hoping to get a chance to hit them at the range this weekend

Sent the email to Wilson support. They replied that they have archived all catalogs over 10yrs and the info isn’t available. The don’t have anything for the Wilson Classic :cry:

They hit well… the only thing I noticed is that they went a little higher than I would normally hit…not so much because of lofts as I altered them to current lofts that I like to play with… I think it is because of the wide fatter sole which plops some CG down lower below the ball more than a thinner sole blade would and gets them up higher

Hm… weird.

They gave me all the specs on my '71 Buttonbacks and '68 Dynas…

That’s a very weird answer.

Finally got a chance to hit them and am very happy with them. I even like the ball flight!!! Even the long irons seem to stop on a dime. Hope to have these in the bag for a while :smiley: