Wilson 8802

Just curious for some accurate info on this putter… Searched away but been put off by all the talk of non originals.

I’m not interested in having a collecters item. I just want to know if the differing styles will all play & feel the same?

Thanks for any help

It it the 8802 exactly you are looking at or just a forged, flanged blade ie Geo Low, IMG, Penna ?

IMO no two are the same, like persimmon drivers and women .
All are good, just find one that is good for you and marry it.

Something similar would be fine. Can’t afford to break the bank. For me a club has to look just right sat behind the ball for it to breed confidence, the 8802 has got the x factor for me

I have to agree with you that it must look Right to your eye. Pings and modern gizmos look and feel wrong to me.
Which brings me to the feel part, Georege Low used flat , he stated about 45* lie and heavy.(feel the putter head )
Confidence comes first then clutch putts.
I think at this point i believe the look and sound are Huge in definition of feel.
If it looks good and sounds good get it and practice feel

8802 originals are supposed to have magical metal mix, is it better or just different, I don’t know
Wilson has some called Tour Specials that are nice FYI
Plenty of guys putt pretty dang well with non originals, copies and knock off’s

This is one I’ve come across, £45 including postage. Not original but affordable!!!

ebay.co.uk/itm/WILSON-8802-B … 4d087a451c

That’s nice
I prefer a leather grip
And the Scot in me would go for a Tour Special to save money and forgo the 8802 label (same putter)

I’ve just thrown a bid up on this… Not sure if its anything special but it looks good to these eyes. It didn’t ;eave the factory this way though

ebay.co.uk/itm/Beautiful-SS- … fresh=true

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a tour special too thanks. Ideally I’d like to buy from UK to save postage $$$

Some cheap tour specials out there! The rugged used look is growing on me too. Like the putter and me would know something all the spider guys out there just don’t. Under the radar stealth, I like that

I use a wilson 600, definitely not a George Low sportsman/Bristol Wizard 600
But the thing has eyes for the hole - definitely more art than science.

Okay I caved and plumped for the 8802. Arrives on the 22nd, around-about the same time lag will be getting a p-mod deposit off me :slight_smile: