Why stiff shafts?

For the record, my 76 Wilson’s have the original stiff shafts and I hit them reasonably well. I lose a fair bit of distance with them against my modern cavity back regular shafted irons due to weaker lofts and off centre hits…but I can’t help think that stiff shafts contribute to this loss of distance as well. OR am I mistaken?

I had my swing speed tested when looking I purchased my last set of modern cavity backs (this was about 14 months a go & before my recent “awakening”) and my swing speed was measured at <100mph . Now, why would someone with such a slow swing speed and a 25 h/c benefit from playing stiff shafts over regular?

I know the module work will get me on the right track eventually (currently on module 1) but I I thought I’d ask the question anyway.

I saw the mod work you put on youtube and how big and strong you are, I hope to be in half as good a shape as you on my best day. Maybe you haven’t put all the pieces together yet but you will. I don’t think there is a shaft that’s ever been made that’s too strong for you after seeing the way you attack that bag. Once you put everything together you’d have no probs loading an X5 tipped to the first step. Even if your speed with a ball isn’t that high now you will never have a problem with the load. Get the phone poles now and grow into them. You’re plenty strong enough.

Thanks for replying lecoeurdevie and thanks for your compliments on my bag work :smiley:

I guess I shouldn’t let a swing speed measurement taken over a year a go put any doubt in my mind about what I’m capable of achieving by undertaking John’s modules. I suppose I might even find my swing speed today is totally different :question:

My % of on target shots is not any better with my regular flex modern cavity backs than with my vintage blades. Let me re-iterate that, my % of on target shots is not any better with my reg flex modern cavity backs than with my vintage blades. In my last 9 holes with the blades I did not slice any shots and only hit one 3i thin, I did however hook a few (which as John says we can work with) and I did not hit any GIR’s (mostly 5-10 metres short of the green which I suppose isn’t too bad) so maybe you’re right lecoeurdevie, maybe it’s a matter of putting it all together.

I did read an old post where Two stated that he believes that eveyone should play with at least a stiff flex but I wasn’t quite sure why…which is what prompted me to ask the question.

In any case, I’m currently negotating to sell my modern cavity backs so once they are gone I will have nothing to compare the vintage stuff back to. Therefore if I need a 7i to cover 120 metres with vintage blades as opposed to a 9i to cover the same distance with modern cavity backs then so be it.

To add to that anth…most players tend to over accelerate way too early in the downswing, so they have no chance of holding shaft flex into the ball…that’s why the stiffer the better for just about anyone

One reason why stiff shafts are appropriate, is that they literally give you the green light to fire hard into impact. The stiff shafts will always give you better control of the clubhead, and they will push you to swing the club with more conviction.

Your brain also absolutely desires full feedback from your clubs, so you can quickly distinguish right from wrong. The cavity backs strip you of your feel, and also the rewarding sensation of FLUSH! that only a blade can offer.

Thanks Lag & Two. It makes sense. I don’t think I have ever (subconsciously) given myself persmission to drive hard into the ball. Not even now. I have no problem doing so into the bag during module 1 drills but I guess I fear what the result will be with a ball on the course.