Why is change difficult?

It’s interesting, because when I was making the huge swing changes from swinging to hitting back in the late 1980’s, it was a very intense process for me because I was still playing on tour and didn’t feel like I had a lot of time to do it. I think it took me about 8 months before I didn’t have to think about it anymore.

In that time, I was using a lot of video and would go out to the soccer fields at the college and hit balls and shoot video, then go back home and watch it. After watching it, I would get really sleepy and take a nap for half an hour or slightly longer, then wake up refreshed with some new ideas or feelings… often I would go back out and re shoot and come back and go through that same process. Quick sleep sessions became an integral part of the process.

Sometimes I knew I couldn’t figure something out consciously, and that would make me tired and I would just take a nap. Usually I would wake with a feeling of wanting to try this or that. Often not what I was thinking or would have been thinking an hour or two before.

I just learned to trust this process and it certainly has credibility.


Interesting about sleep. I’m sure I read in one of the books that snoring is a sign that you have been engaged in deep practice.

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Sleep is every bit as important in the learning process as the skill itself.


What does all that do for you exactly? I have a relationship with ibuprofen it seems almost weekly and wondering if the kidney will hold up into my 70s. Thought about joint suppliments but skeptical. As a past thrower my shoulders keep me up at night sometimes. Then the neck this week.

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I’ve kinda rekindled my love with fitness again. I started back up 6 years ago and really got hooked. The personal trainers, going 5-7 days a week for an hour and half to two hours. Two months ago I logged in 88 miles of running as well. Enjoy the regimen feel and consistency of it. Very much like this swing training. It’s not about how much. It’s about form, and sticking to a real good routine. The testosterone gel and injections has really been a game changer for so many things.

Learning a proper golf swing is so similar. You can cheat it or rush it. Tackling both has been difficult. But I now use the swing training as a way to see what my body can and can’t do. And it really is great for stretching as well. Since I make my practice all in slow motion. And the heavier the equipment the more of a stretch I feel


Lost 46 lbs so far. And will keep going


This is a topic I’ve long had issues with and curious it doesn’t get more discussion in the golf world. This is my first post here, I’ve had a great dialogue with John by email over the summer and considered a trip out to see John. I’m 53, played all my life up to D1,some state pro events but I have three lumbar discs removed and fused, and now facing another fusion. Despite all this I can still play, I’ve lost some speed but I think I can get a lot of it back.

I’ve had so many great lessons, hitting it great, with ease, a feeling of being on top of the world, this is the pattern……a few days go by, and the degradation starts, still some good shots, doubt creeps in, then few days later pretty much max frustration and panic. This has been my cycle. I’ve had lessons with some of the giants of the game, Stan Thirsk, Randy Smith, Geoffrey Smith (Tom Purtzer, you here?), Chris O’Connell and one guy named Jack Nicklaus. Anyone else have this pattern too ? Glad to be here. Jim


Welcome! Interesting post.

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The great golf writer David Owen (who was a pretty decent single-digit player at one time) said golf is a cycle, with the stages:

  1. Sudden collapse
  2. Gradual improvement
  3. Brief mastery

LOL. Sounds like your cycle is:

  1. Brief mastery
  2. Insidious, creeping degradation
  3. Sudden collapse
  4. Gradual improvement

Yea good stuff…and an embarrassing call to the last lesson teacher to explain what happened, he tells me same thing. And it works, yet the cycle continues….I do eventually get better, just not in a linear fashion. My orthopedic said I’m probably adhd and possibly a high functioning autistic, recent discovery. Recent setback, probably need another back surgery and this weekend tested + for the virus , ugh.

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A trip to the deck will fix you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very interesting post @JGL, I can relate! I played college golf, was around scratch or just under. Took 17 yrs off, now getting back into the game over the last 3 years or so.

This is so elementary, I hesitate to mention, but I’ve found the same peaks and valleys as of late - what I’ve noticed is that body position/posture/alignment intention can get off real quick and without my awareness whatsoever. Getting myself back to a station or setting with reference points is key - to be honest, I think eye dominance and hit instinct have a lot to do with pulling me away from a solid address position- just my assessment.

Also, through meditation and mindfulness, I’ve started to realize my different “states” - as Lag has mentioned, you feel different every day. At least realizing and accepting this has led to less anxiety or concern when things aren’t clicking in the golf swing.

Lastly - going back to drill/modules 1-3 (in the correct setup position, whatever that may be to you) and really feeling the pressures (feet, forearms, torso/abs) typically brings back some confidence pretty quick.

I’m sure things can be rather complicated with the back issues, so am empathetic to your situation - best of luck to you!

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Would very much like that John, suddenly everything is upside down in my life…probably on the tail end of covid and up next is a CT scan and maybe a one level fusion…beating TW at something. Maybe I won’t need another surgery, obviously its dominating my thoughts.

I’m becoming more and more attracted to stack and tilt, or specifically keeping my noggin much more in place as they used to call me Curtis Strange II…plus keeping that spine more vertical might help in the pain dept. Other than that, don’t know anything more about S/T. I sure could use some guy time on the range/mat too!