Whipping (Persimmons)

My whipping came loose on the bottom end of my 4 wood while playing today. How many winds do I need to keep the looped strand tight? I think right now, I tied it off at 8-9 strands. I havent cut the end off yet, if i need more, ill go back and retie it.


Brandon Peck

8 or 9 wraps is plenty. You know how to pull it through with a spare piece loop to finish it off?

I know how to do it Lag. But id be amazed if I could put it into words to describe the action lol.

When I was doing my Golf Apprentship, of course there was a "Club Repair " component. My boss use to cut the bindings on on the Hire out drivers and get me to re-bind them one after another. All by hand, no tools at all. By the end, my left fore arm was twice the size of my right. So yup, I can re bind blindfolded, but dont dare ask for a wriiten decription.


Not sure exactly how to do that. How would you do that? Luckily the whole thing didnt unravel, just maybe 20-25 strands.

Here is what i got so far. I used a repair book to help me. I did it by the “hand method”, i didnt have a insert clamp. Please let me know if i need to redo it or fix it. Pics below!


Here is a video for you guys, showing how to put a tie on a persimmon. Hope it helps!

youtube.com/watch?v=-s1u3ZNy … re=related