What's with the earphones?

Ok… I hate to suffer from “good ole day syndrome”, but what’s up with the earphones during practice??? What are these guys listening to… 60’s tunes… Rotella… AM radio? I see it more and more and it’s the most bizarre look imaginable. I’m in total wonderment as to what these guys are listening to. Some are decent players… some look like they can’t break an egg. I don’t think you can wear them diuing actual play (perhaps the USGA has f’d that up too), so what’s the benny?

I try to image Hogan wearing those things and it just doesn’t compute.

Just wondering,


I wear 'em when practicing. More than anything, it keeps people away from me on the range. The ideal cure for unsolicited advice, comments on practicing with vintage gear, etc. Sometimes, I’m not even listening to anyone. More often than not, I am listening to music, but I also listen to some ABS interviews periodically.

ok… didn’t realize there was that much unsolicited input out there… certainly more than I see. I use old flat gear and I don’t need skull-candy to block out inputs from the occasional casual observer. I’m just saying that I see a bunch of young players at the range using them and for the life of me I don’t understand why. It looks like kids that can’t focus unless they can focus on something other than golf. Again… I don’t think you can use them in comp, so what’s the point?


Cant use them in competiton, and I’d never wear them on the course, but at least where I play, I get sick of the comments, input, and questions, from teammates or other members, even from the local club pro. Therefore, they are a must for long range sessions for me.

For me, they make it easier to work on what I need to work on, not try to hit good shots for observers.

I think the sound of the strike is also important feedback. When I really flush one holding shaft flex and nutting it dead center
it makes a great sound… and I like to reinforce that sound into my consciousness as much as possible. I used to like to find an open field somewhere and hit balls with few or no one around. I think Hogan did that also from what I understand… practicing in solitude.

That would be ideal.

The ideal is definitely solitude. That’s one nice thing about the summers here, the range is always dead at noon-ish because it’s so hot.

Just wearing earbuds allows me to be left alone, and if I don’t listen to anything, I get nice auditory feedback as lag mentioned.

Mine are in a lot, so I’m used to them. They’re always in when drilling, and most of the time I’m online I’m listening to music or an interview.

The rules don’t forbid headphones if you’re just listening to general music. Listening to something specifically to assist your stroke (e.g. True Tempo stuff) is not allowed.

But who wants to miss a call of ‘fore’?

ADD amongst the youth!!

Solitude ain’t really a problem in Scotand at 5am these sunny mornings. There’s an almost cathartic feel to being the only person on the practice tee and watching dew splash when the ball lands.

Steb mentioned Tour Tempo - whats your take on that folks? Worthwhile or not?

So listening to music that ‘happens’ to have tour tempo beats is ok???

When I was younger I used to like to have a radio hanging from my golf buggy just playing background noise as I was walking around playing or practicing.

I found the radio method more beneficial to learn how to turn off in between shots…and then…put all my focus back onto the ball when it was time to hit.
It’s pretty amazing how much you can block out when your focus is headed in the right direction…this is something I never quite understood with Monty and his ‘rabbit ears’…and how he could hear someone fart from 3 fairways away.
I know if I am concentrating on the shot at hand I rarely hear all the outside stuff. I have had people sneeze or drop clubs on my backswing and they would say ‘Sorry’…and I would say "Sorry for what.?..as I never even heard them…
I’m with Lag on the no headphones idea as I want to not only feel the strike but hear it also.

:laughing: :laughing:

Funny stuff!

I have a radio outside a lot on those beautiful summer days at the range…it’s my substitute for not being at the beach or on the patio with a vodka & tonic in hand.

I enjoy just hitting away with background music going. Like studying for a college exam with some background music. Great station we pick up from Canada at the range that plays sone fine classic rock music. This topic has given my an idea.

I hope next time the music is going at the range the song Kashmir from Led Zepplin is played. Would be interesting to try and time impact with the accented measures in that song to see what the combination of those two sounds would be. :sunglasses:

I have always found it extremely interesting on how different people are, especially when they like top listen to the radio/headphones.

me personally I hate background noise(but thats just me). I think it depends if your extraverted or intraverted alot of the time.

Went fishing at Whitsundays(QLD, Australia) a few weeks back. Most beautiful place on earth and my mate insisted on listening to the radio 24/7, blocking out all the fantastic sounds of nature. It was like he couldnt live without it. I think the headphone thing is the same, for some people they almost need that external stimulation. Its not a bad thing just wired differently. If I’m on the golf course I love the peace and quiet and sounds of nature. Im no tree hugger but radio is just so intrusive.

but I do think you need to hear the ball being hit. Its another form on feedback for me.
Have any of you tried playing Table Tennis with really loud music in the back ground? I guarantee you will hardly be able to hit the ball if you cant hear it bounce, very weird…

I used to have my walkman on while practising years ago (early 90ies) and i remember my peers of the time all did the same thing, so it isn’t something new. You don’t have to turn the tape over after 30 or 45 minutes nowadays though.

Nowadays a listen to music while running. One reason is that it is one of the few times a actually have time to listen to some music, second reason is that music helps me to focus. The more ‘complex’ the music, the easier it is for me to focus. It’s funny because usually some of the music i listen to and that helps me relax is music that drives other people mad.

I’m definitely in the camp of needing to be able to hear impact unfiltered. I can’t wear earmuffs or a stocking cap on colder days as it totally screws up my ability to “hear the ball”. I play with plenty of guys that have a radio on when they’re playing… not loud enough to disturb you and the mere fact that you know it’s not going to suddenly be turned on or off makes it easy to play with, but I also know some guys that it bothers.

… for me: feel, listen and see. You have to feel your club, to hear the impact and finally see the result, the flight of the ball. Putting is more listening to music to get the ball in.

That’s going to be the subjective call of the official as to what they regard as assistance, as well as what you yourself regard as assistance for the self-regulation expected in golf.

The USGA doesn’t prohibit headphones but they do recommend not to wear them to eliminate being at the end of a subjective call.

I wish I had that ability–I don’t get annoyed because I know I should be the one who;s got the problem, but I half pull out of a swing for the most trivial of noises, especially when having a tough round.

I must have been beaten as a kid or it could be my ninja training to sleep with one eye open :confused:

Ben Doyle used to tell me as a kid, “if it doesn’t interfere with your stance or your swing, then just hit your shot”

I think that was some good advice.
As I headed out on tour, I expected a lot of adversity, and just dealt with it. It’s not a perfect world, and the more I accept that, the more options I have to deal with it.