What type of backswing do you use for slotting?

Are you a vertical backswing, or more conventional?

I seem to get the best results getting to the 430 line with conventional. What about the rest?

Whatever backswing gets you into the slot is fine round here.

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I do an outside to in loop with a late set at the top. I am interested in the Hogan backswing that John E keeps teasing us with.

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Mine is a pull inside with early forearm rotation. Would love love to get loopy but my tempo is too quick for that.

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Like many alluded to, it’s personal preference. To me it really doesn’t matter whether its loopy like Trevino or pulled inside like Knudson because the transition is what locks in that slotted “4:30” entry position. I remember Moe Norman saying “…that eventually in the year 2000 or later there won’t be a backswing - just start at the top and boom.”

I’m starting to realize the truth in that. If you have a good understanding and feeling of where you need to be before you turn on the jets, why not start there?

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Great responses. Whatever works to get the club shallow on hip plane.

Leslie King in the Swing Factory said to think of the swing starting after transition. Backswing is an archer drawing the string back. Placing the club. John Schlee in maximum golf was the same. All about smooth back, smooth transition, then aggression.

I always think of it like taking a hairpin bend. It’s slow, but you still go as fast as you can for that tight bend, don’t want to scrub off speed, don’t want to spin out.

I have always tried to keep the arms up as I transition, which shallows the club automatically, but been trying to increase that lay off effect the last few weeks and actually get the arms down faster.

I drill the backswing in slow motion and occasionally have felt so wound up I’ve hit one at speed by accident and ripped it from a virtual standstill. There was a tour player who played like it for a while.

I think our brains can’t accept a slow backswing. They hit a pure one and then the chimp goes ‘that felt good let’s try that faster’. Then the second and third and fourth are ripped too, but the fifth is disastrous and you’ve lost the feel that was working.

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Great post. Love the old school analogies on this forum. Love to use the words of the greats to decipher the swing code. Versus a step by step how to video

Have to say that I think width is a great friend for a successful slot. Once you got that mastered it’s just letting it float down like a leaf falling off the tree mid fall. Get it to the right pocket, than it is game on. Than I just push the boulder laying on the ground feel right into the follow thru low and left. Almost like the club is being pushed thru mud. The slower and more resistance the better