What to hit?

I bought 9 sets of clubs of a craigslist ad. I want to make 1 or 2 of them into a playing set, along the lines of ABS clubs. I would appreciate advice on the best clubs to start with. I can make 3-4 test clubs first and then get the weight and lie correct before I make the full set. The club in the upper left of the photo is George Sayer, which are labelled as only B6 swingweight so the heads may be very light. The club below that is a Kenneth Smith.

s1067.photobucket.com/albums/u43 … 0to%20hit/

Well, the ABS club ideals are flat (lie angle), heavy (swing weight) and stiff (shaft flex). You can use that as a start. Get the stiffest, heaviest, flattest set you have and start working on those. You may need to get the lie angles adjusted flatter but you hopefully have a set of heavy stiff clubs amongst those nine.

BTW, looks like you got a bunch of nice sets. Definitely some gamer sets in there to be played.

The top right club is that an m85? If so all you need to do is adjust the lie angle and you will have a great set!

top right is an M55 which probably has the stock women shafts since the pins look intact. I have a set but swapped them out with x100’s. I believe the original owner may have bored out the hosels on my m55 because the stock shaft in the 11 iron was really small. I had to bore out the hosel in order to get a .355 shaft in.

Either of those Dynapower sets would be good ones. The MT’s also… and the split soles are a really good set, especially for better players.

Any of the shafts that have #1 on them or green band “rocket” would be keepers.

Good score for sure.