Weight behind the Sweetspot

This is exactly what you want to do.
Mass is king, especially when it is right behind the sweetspot.

Perimeter weighted irons are totally missing the point, and frying pan drivers with a hollow core are completely
out to pasture.

The classic clubs had it right… with a big chunk of lead right behind the sweetspot on persimmons. Don’t believe me? Open one up.

Provided one can hit the sweetspot very consistently. And the large majority of golfers can’t, nor have the time/desire to learn either. They are happy with “some of the time” and massive forgiving the other times.

I actually hate modern perimeter/cavity now because I enjoy using blades. So they get to come to course with LESS sweetspot hits with their Callaway Diablo Edges and Ping G15’s and play just as good…

Alas, this has become the public’s mentality…because that is all they get drummed into their heads on television, in golf magazines, at club fittings etc etc

I find it incredible that when I give lessons…most of the people who come to me complain about how they used to hit the ball well not so many years ago and now they have all the new gear and their game has gone to the crapper…I would say more than 50% of my lessons are people who fall in this category
They are almost brainwashed into believing they can’t hit the older blade clubs that they so perfectly well used to hit 10-15 years ago or more.

I explain the theory…hand them my club and tell them to hit some shots with my heavier, flatter club I use for teaching…and they get it…they all to the tee hit better shots with my club immediately than what we witnessed for the previous 15 minutes with their hi tech beasts…then they all turn around and stare at me dumbfounded like …wow!!!..that felt great…next minute I have their clubs in my car to bend down and weight up or have them scouring ebay for some old decent irons to use or dusting out their attics looking for their old tools of trade from another era…and then I make sure to inform them that their graphite oversize LCG wide sole perimeter weighted irons make great tomato plant stakes come summer…quite expensive stakes… but about all they are really good for. :smiley:

TM, how many of your pupils just won’t let go of the techno garbage especially the drivers and hybrids because they think the just can’t hit it long enough? My best friend hits persimmon and blades every time we play together only because I force him to and shoots 75 or better then immediately goes back to the junk and can’t break 80. I don’t get this mentality and he just doesn’t get it. What’s up wit dat?