Watson's Secret

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A friend recommended a Watson book recently. So my antenna was up, and I ran across this interesting Watson tidbit. John has spoken often about this swing key that rang true for Watson after he found it in the early 90"s. Good story about how the Corey Pavin image triggered it.



I really think it comes down to having forward bend in your posture at address and maintaining that bend, along with secondary tilt behind the ball, through impact. He calls it spine angle but it’s really forward bend. Go to 2:14. It feels vertical going to the top and flat coming through.


I’m sure at some point in his book or instruction he would mention that the OTT shoulder feel must also include working the clubhead toward the inside quadrant of the golf ball. Hackers are great at level shoulder rotation, but doing so while still hitting the 4:30 line is another story.

Any secret must include two elements. I’m sure he discusses this at some point.

Yes, and I think he had the one element–the secondary tilt. He certainly isn’t getting his upper body working ahead of the ball through the strike. The tilt keeps his torso back. It was the forward bend, the second element, which seemed to strike a chord with him. I think he discovered a much better slot. And it’s interesting in subsequent interviews years later that it still richly resonates with him. Darn right, it was no mere one-day epiphany.

Using those two elements, forward bend and secondary tilt, I think he discovered how to bow to the 4:30 line.