Wanted - Single ABS Iron

I’m looking for a single ABS spec iron for use in the drills and to practice with. I’m a bit short of golf equipment budget right now so I’m not ready for a full ABS set just yet.

It can be newer equipment or vintage. Here’s a summary of what I would like:

  • A 2, 3, or 4 iron.
  • Something that has been bent 4-6 degrees flat
  • Shortened 1/2 inch (I’m only 5’ 6")
  • Weighted per ABS standards

I have looked around on ebay and there are plenty of options, but all of them would have to be bent and weighted. So I thought I would post here to see if anyone has something already set up or at least close they are willing to part with.


Obviously, you live in the US? Maybe you’re near a fellow ABS’er

I live in Northern MI. In general not too many people at all where I live, but of course you never know. Anyone that is anywhere in N. MI is probably close enough.

However, I will also pay shipping as long as it’s reasonable. Ebay charges shipping and I’ve found a number of single clubs in the $15-$20 dollar range with $10-$12 shipping. Since it would cost me another $10-$15 to get the club modified, I am thinking an ABS club in the $30-$40 range would be reasonable.


Send me your address and I will get a club for you. Send to reesmike@comcast.net please and remind me what it is about. Minimal charge, Shipping probably. Mike