Vintage Hogans - parallel or tapered tip?

Are vintage Hogan irons parallel (.370) or tapered tip (.355)?



Hi soup—somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as i know all the older stuff was all tapered…


Thanks bentshaft!

That’s what I suspected, but I was not 100% sure. Do you know if it varied from model-to-model, or was that pretty much across-the-board?

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Parallel (.370) was not introduced until the '70s…My 1974 copy of Golf Club Design (Maltby) calls them a
relative newcomer…
You don’t have anything that “new”, do you Soup? LOL

I have a Hogan fanatic friend who will clue us in as to when and if they ever went to the .370s


Ha! I have a 1979 set of Apex II, but that’s the most recent set that I currently own. The set that I was asking the question in regard to was a recently acquired set of 1962 Power Thrusts (been looking for a set for a year) - I think I am going to drop a set of X300s in those.

Also, Bent, any updates on your one-off persimmon driver that you referred to in another post?

the one off is still in progress…I will get it someday, maybe depending on who dies first!!!

seriously—where are you getting your X300s?? and what are you paying?

I may have a idea for a deal…(not with me)


Probably golfsmith or wherever - I think they’re like 12 a shaft when bought at the quantities that i need.

PM sent