? Vintage 3w/4w/5w = Vintage ?iron

Hi all.

Just a quick question. Traditionally, the wooden 3, 4, and 5 woods are supposed to replace which number vintage irons? (with the assumption of correct distances from proper hitting)

Thanks. :slight_smile:


My best answer is none if you’re a low 'capper.

Back in the day I would go with just the driver & 4-wood then the rest irons 1 through SW…

I thought the 4-wood was the best for me because I would play the ball down and it seemed more times than not I had a so so lie where the 3-wood would have been a little dicey.

If you’re a high handicap and don’t plan to be in the ABS program, you might go with all of those woods and eliminate the 1 & 2 iron

Thank, man, I appreciate the advice. :slight_smile: