US Open / McDowell

Graeme McDowell leads the European our in GIR’s. He has a "swing left " warm-up move. His tempo is quick…like Hogan, Price, Watkins, & RR :laughing: :laughing:

Anybody got any video or pics, and thoughts on his swing? (it looks good to my eyes)

Ask and you shall receive :slight_smile:


McDowell owns a Trackman and uses it for his swing. He’s trying to swing left because he understands that swinging left squares up the path at impact (provided you swing left the proper amount).

One can swing left without having their upper arms on their chest. Mickelson does that. The thing with Lag’s ‘swinging left’ version where the arms stay up on the chest is that it’s a PIVOT DRIVEN swing which I believe is far more consistent than somebody who swings left, but throws the arms off the chest, like McDowell and Mickelson do.


I’m writing this with McDowell on the 7th… makes par…

Pebble has been the kind of course that you can score on if you strike it well, and of course make putts. I am disappointed as usual that the rough is not higher than it is. I have seen way too many errant tee shots with the players being able to hit their next shot on the green. Certainly more a premium on driving accuracy here than typical PGA Tour events, but I still think it would be more interesting if players really had to hit the fairways. USGA events I played in, meant you rarely could get the ball on the green from the rough… that was the idea… about a half shot penalty, figuring you could lay up, or get up and down about half the time.

I think risk and reward is wonderful. Johnson took risks twice hitting driver where he didn’t need to… made less than perfect golf swings and paid dearly as he should. Had he pulled it off… rewards were waiting.

McDowell seems to be in a good position to win, as he is doing a better job of keeping the ball in play as he should.

Well done G-Mac!!!

A great day for Irish/N Irish people :smiley:

I agree, Lag.

That was about as bad of play as I’ve seen from a final set of groups in a PGA Tournament that I can remember. Everybody is blaming the greens, but the ballstriking was really bad, even for US Open final round situation. Last year at Bethpage there was a lot of great play going on in the final round. In fact, Hunter Mahan probably got the worst break I’ve ever seen in major championship history when he hit the flagstick on the fly and it knocked the ball 60 feet away from the cup. But yesterday was embarassing to watch and not just because of Johnson. I didn’t quite expect 66’s to be thrown up there, but when guys in the top 10 world rankings are missing fairways and greens by a mile it’s just poor play. I thought only Harvet, McDowell and Love III played decent.


McDowell certainly played the best and rightfully deserved the crown. I would like to think his background playing Irish links courses came in handy at Pebble. The high scores were simply from bad golf shots.

I spoke with Barkow today about it, and he felt the course was not set up like a typical US Open, and was quite playable. Al of course, was out there covering the event. It’s amazing to think he was there covering the Nicklaus - Snead match back in the early 1960’s.

As long as the public is ok watching mediocrity, and the sponsors are willing to continue to put up millions of dollars for prize money, we will continue to see what we see.

To me, the most impressive golf was again from Tom Watson at age 60 posting rounds of 70 and 71 on Friday and Saturday. Experience, crafty play, and articulate shotmaking can still be relevant on a proper golf course. Had he played well on Thursday, he might have been right there again. It was great to see the USGA give him a special exemption into the event.
I only wish he was inspiring some of his contemporaries to come down out of the broadcast booths and get out and play again. Tom shows what’s possible, and I find it incredibly inspiring.

Learning to play on the windswept links of NI seems like an ideal preparation for McDowell to win his first major at Pebble Beach. He showed good composure to get the job done while plenty of stars around him folded like a pack of cards. Havret played well but will be disappointed that he could not get up and down from a greenside bunker on the last two greens. It seemed that nobody except McDowell was prepared to be patient, everyone pressed too hard allowing McDowell the luxury of playing the last 10 holes in 4 over par to win.

The more I reflect on it, the more I think Patience is the 15th club in the bag, in so many different ways.

If Havret had that R-20 of yours, he might have won…

Hopefully a ticker parade downtown Belfast this week?

I liked McDowell’s smart play down 18.

Sergio did the same in the playoff during the 2007 Open against Harrington