US Ebay Group Buy Australia

Let’s see if this little idea works.

The way it works is simple. When an Australian based ABSer (there are a few of us on here) is interested in buying something off a US ebay seller they can post the details here. Usually that seller will have other golf items that someone else may be interested in. If as a group we can buy a few or more items off the same US seller then we save on combined postage and everyone wins.

I’d be keen to know who would be interested in this type of set up so we can get some PM’s going between each other when a purchase is on the horizon.

Anthgolf, not needing anything apart perhaps for a vintage putter at the moment but surely interested .

I’ve thought a bit about this in the past, but more so as a business rather than personal use as I rarely buy golf stuff. I was looking at stores like Edwin Watts, 3balls etc than smaller sellers on ebay.

The main problem is the time and extra money on postage in distributing the goods once they’re here. I may be the closest poster on ABS to you, but that’s still 90 minutes away, so personal pickup doesn’t really work.

Ebay - possibly full-time sellers on ebay might have stuff that might interest multiple people here, but not sure about the typical ebay deal ABS’ers search for.

The other thing is bulking an order together can easily creep up to the $1000 GST free limit. Slapping an instant 10% on top of the whole amount suddenly makes international postage seem cheap.

I’m sure it could work in some cases though.