Top 3 Golfers Per Module

I was thinking of this the other day. Kind of trying to see if who you would pick as the top 3 golfers of all time performing each module. Here’s mine:


  1. Hogan
  2. Mac O’Grady
  3. Moe Norman


  1. Greg Norman
  2. George Knudson
  3. Moe Norman


  1. Hogan
  2. Mac O’Grady
  3. David Duval

I’m only in Module 3, so I wouldn’t know the others exactly. Curious to what others think.



just for fun… my four

Lee Trevino
Ben Hogan
Gary Player
Peter Thomson

Greg Norman
Billy Casper
George Knudson
Bradley Hughes

Ben Hogan
Peter Senior
Arnold Palmer
George Knudson

Trevino for Module 1? You gotta be kidding Lag. I can’t see Trevino as the poster boy for Module 1. I agree with Bom’s thoughts that Trevino probably has the best right arm straightening action in golf. His arms are trying to move away from his body the whole time, pushing the club from closed to open rather than slamming the door from open to closed.

Mod 1
Sergio Garcia
Henry Cotton

Mod 2
George Knudson
Byron Nelson

Mod 3- not there yet

Who had more right arm to spare at impact than Trevino? He certainly is not a hitter from the TGM perspective. If it is the best straightening right arm it is because it took so long to straighten.

Of course he had right arm to spare, because if he didn’t he’d snap everything.

Lag likes the club face wide open at P3 with active wrists firing to impact while saving right arm. Lag also doesn’t prefer too much forward lean of the shaft at impact. Trevino is all forward lean. Lag wants us to have a hook move into impact and a slice move out of it. Trevino slices all the way through it.

I like the flat entry… and Lee is wonderful here… then fires his hands hard actively, but he was not super long because of his steep shoulder rotation.
It worked though brilliantly because of how he positioned his body open to his intended line of flight. Lee had great module #1 stuff.


What about the other modules?


RJ3 …see up above

Lag was responding to a question about Trevino with his answer just posted


Have you guys seen this?

Bobscottjnr: Nice link…thanks!

It’s all there to see if you know where to look. Geez…sounds like Hogan :laughing: RR

Rat, what are you looking at because I can’t see it. This is the Peter Senior after being Gary “Edwinized”. Almost non-existent footwork just like all those Gary Edwin golf swings.

No problem Nick…first, a question. Which number best describes you?

  1. Parasitic Species in search of a viable host.
  2. Rattus rattus in a maze.
  3. Matriculant within the current medium of application.
  4. Owner of mod, or rare, jewels.
  5. Person who thinks phoneme is a 22nd century telecommunications device.

:laughing: RR