Toney Pennas TP1W

Hey all,

I’m a persimmon noobie. At the risk of looking like a fool I bought these b/c of the name and b/c they were pretty. :mrgreen: … K:MEWNX:IT

Wanted to ask you guys a few questions:

  1. They seem to be refinished. Is that bad?

  2. Pro pel Action #1 shafts. They feel like a modern xstiff shaft. Stiffer than my kbs tour stiff shafts and feel stiffer than my buddy’s BH persimmon with apex 4. Can anyone confirm? Would #2 be more like a modern day stiff?

  3. I can’t seem to get them up in the air at the range. And i’m hitting everything 10 yards further to the right than usual. Is that because its Xstiff and I’m not man enough yet? I ask because I picked up my buddy’s BH with apex 4 and I was smoking it, with mid ballflight, and 5-10 yards left of straight.

  4. And finally, did I pay too much? haha.


You did not pay too much… $200 for 4 handcrafted persimmons?
Nice purchase, and you will enjoy them.

Spending $200 on a down payment for a Frying Pan would be over paying in my opinion.

With the persimmons, you can do all kinds of alterations or modifications to suit your needs… and you can do the work yourself with just a few basic tools.

Congrats, and keep us posted on how you hit them and enjoy them!

You’ll learn to hit them

Then will be a great teacher for you also.

Be patient. The PP #1’s are fine shafts.

That is a sweet driver - probably hit my best shot using the toney penna driver since i started the ABS program.

If you ever want to trade for my BH persimmon, let me know…but then your set will be mismatched :smiley: