Toney Penna XQ- 9

Has anybody got any info on these clubs… I’ve searched around and haven’t come up with much… they’re similar in muscle design to the original Silver Scotts… they seem pretty rare but also pretty sweet… any thoughts?

Just picked up a set of these 1 thru PW- figured I’d give them a try seeing as they came with X shafts. Man, are they pure. I haven’t been able to find out much about them but I’m pretty pleased. They have some serious meat to them, and together with the X shafts they make a nice hefty blade-flat too! I may be looking at offloading my set of Mac Armour Silver Scott that I picked up recently as a result I’m trying to keep balance with the things I’m buying and will and wont likely use. They’re pretty sweet and they also have DG X100. I’m not 100% sure, but if anyone is interested let me know… I want to keep my ebay books balanced…

I think they are really good. I used to have some Macgregor 985’s(gave them away in my dumber days :open_mouth: ), which are basically the same as Silver Scot as you say.I don’t think you can go wrong with these.

I have a set of TP Original XQ-9 2-SW with stiff shafts. I regripped with tour wraps. Played for 6 mo to get my swing in order after a 10-yr lay-off. Sweetspot is dime-sized, but results in a powerful shot when you are on. Mine are 8/10, except PW and SW are chewed up. I can’t stop pulling the 48* PW back into my bag. Great for delicate, low shots around the green – it is a surgical instrument! 7-SW are v playable in my opinion, feel like modern clubs. Solid and soft for ball-shaping, as much as a hack like me can, anyway. Now I have newer MacGregor MT Pro-C and they seem almost large and certainly more forgiving, in comparison.

Also, I threw mine in a pail of vinegar and water overnight and that totally took care of the rust. A little metal polish and shazam! Like new.

These things have become my full time clubs at this point. They’re heavy and super stiff, and a little flat. The heads are a touch long for what I would ideally want since I really like a more compact head, but they make for fantastic retraining clubs. The 1 iron is slowly becoming my favourite club… They make my standard Mizuno MP32 ‘blades’ look like upright cavity backs- it’s pretty funny…
Cheers for the input…