Title defence for Lag?

I’ll play…if you will…cantour.com/leagues/newslett … page=59733

did he win the last one that was played?

It’s probably one that persimmon could keep up in too. Go get em lag! :sunglasses:

…not 100% sure. but if he did I think he should get an invite to defend his title.

See Lag’s post Fri Jun 12, 2009 11:05 pm about the Windsor Charity Classic here:

Yes, I suppose I would still technically be the defending champion. I might have to take a look at that. 1991. Yep.

I can see Windsor on a clear day.

Pretty nice if you have a chance to play the event. If you do, I’m there. Travel accomodations?..no problem. :slight_smile:

I can hear the starter now…on the first tee… ladies and gentlemen please welcome from San Fransico, California, our defending Champion John Erickson…play away.

and he could play the exact set he used to win it. i don’t think todays pros even do that, and they only have a 12 month gap.

golf-designs.com/courses/Ros … eland.html

This doesn’t sound good.

I drink Windsor on the rare occasion the good stuff is gone. :wink:

Captain Chaos


I drink


I know…we all do (or should). :wink:

…and I’d be happy to buy you one at the 19th any time!

Captain Chaos (Who serves with Captain Morgan and has been known to hang out with Mr. Guinness)


Turkey with a dash be nice.
See u at the 19th



blogs.windsorstar.com/2012/02/27 … -roseland/