Titanic Thompson

I was reading a book about Titanic Thompson a couple days and i couldnt find him on this board, so i decided to made up a thread.

Aside from hustling everything he came across - he seemed to be a really really good golfer (right hand / left hand). He decided against the pro tour since it paid nothing close to what you could make from hustling (until Arnie and Jack came along and the TV-rights started bringing in the big bucks) .

I´m curious if anybody has info (golf releated) on Titanic Thompson? He was around quite a few big names - some of which he teamed up with, some he played for money.

Hogan called him “the best shotmaker i ever saw”, Snead called Titanic “the greatest golf hustler” and Nelson admitted he wouldnt had have any problem excelling on the pro tour.
Titanic said, when you intend to hustle somebody you cant sink him on the first match destroying his confidence, you have to make it close and reel him in, if he shoots 70, i´d shoot 69 - if we played matchplay i made sure the margin my opponent lost was close.

Ethics aside - whats fascinating about this imo - you have to be pretty darn good at golf and in total control of your game to pull of stunts like that.
So i´m really curious if anybody has any info on his golf game.

BTW. did you know that Lee Treevino could break Par with a coke bottle? (I´m not sure if this is on a real course or on a Par 3 course, but nevertheless pretty impressive)
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