Tiger woods trajectory clinic

If he did actually complete this first attempt like reported. Its rather impressive.

Trajectory isnt something discussed enough I think, probably more important to work the ball lower and higher than left or right…

Tiger is a big proponent of trajectory. He mentions his want to control it a lot, especially since going to Foley. So it would not surprise me one bit he did that in one take. It should be rather easy for him, or any PGA pro really.

I think that was at least 10 years old or maybe more…guessing around 2000?

Yep, I remember that commercial and yes it was early in his career Two. I think that was when Nike first came out with their irons.

All Tour pros should have trajectory control. At the AT&T, Tiger hit a low punch 7iron and the announcer was shocked and practically wetting himself as to how Tiger was so “creative and imaginative” for hitting a punch shot into a green. WTF? They all should be able to do that. Or at least they used to be.

Wow is the add that old?I only recently saw the add on telly here, I didnt think central Australia was that far behind:)

Are you referring to this shot at the US Open?


Dont get me wrong, but these guys are commenting on the worlds best players every week, some of them played professionally - at least they´ve seen it all, from way back then to now. Now if they are actually wetting themself over such a shot, one can assume that it is something special, and not “everyone” can pull it off. His way off hitting these shots is way different than what you refer to as a punch. I´m not one of those militant Tiger fans, but one has to give credit where credit is due.

Yes, I am and once again, knowing how professional golfers have been moving the ball for multiple decades, I wasn’t that overly, “wet my pants, that’s the greatest shot ever in the history of mankind, gee I need to change my shorts”. It was a good shot from a pretty decent lie to a not too tucked away pin. He didn’t really even need to hit that shot but he did.

I’m not going to refer to it as a “stinger” TM (Tiger Woods 2000). It’s a low punch draw shot.

As for the announcers getting all shocked and awed, eh big deal. So they haven’t seen many pros working the ball anymore. Look at how much they “ooh and ahhh” over Bubba. Says more about how the modern ball/equipment and course set up has all but taken those types of shots out of the game than it does about how “great” that shot was. From about the 1930s to 1990s that was one of many a stock shot for professionals. Amateurs might be overly impressed, but to have the announcers get all excited seemed a bit much…

I’m no militant fan of Tiger either but I do think he is a great golfer. Probably only one of a handful that seem to still have some knowledge of golf pre-rocket science technology. Hell, he might have done that shot just to see if he still could. :wink:

I think the commentators know full well how and why Tiger and Bubba move the ball the way they do. You have to remember they are commentators and are paid to add spice and a bit of mystery to the sport of golf for TV excitment purposes.

Could you imagine how boring golf would be to watch if the commentators didnt get excited and acted like “know it all’s” every shot? Explaining in detail how each shot is played with excutciating detail would get boring fast.
Much like watching one of those “how is it done” magic shows on TV. The actual magic show is always more exciting!.

Its part of sport commentry to make you feel like your TV watching isnt a waist of time and your watching something special happen.

Exactly. That’s how boring watching modern golf on TV has become. Boom a driver somewhere in the 300-325 range to a wide open fairway with tons of minimal rough around and you got a 50 yard wide landing area. Fairway bunkers are mostly a joke since they are set up at the 270 yard range. On the rare occasion you get into some real trouble, have a rules official give you a generous drop option and your back to okay. Knock yer wedge or 9 iron onto the green and putt on the most absolute smooth surface that even from 30+ feet you have them look of “How in the world did I miss that putt?” when it doesn’t go in.

Make your putt for birdie or miss and tap in for par. Repeat ad naseum…

If you can’t make the steak better, just make more sizzle.

Guess it cost less to have the announcers spice up the game than actually having the players have to spice it up by having some exciting competition. It’s mostly being played by Robo-pros that look the same, swing the same, play the same overly high-tech equipment on an overly homogenized golf course (TPC courses anyone?).

And what’s with the mic on the crowds now? It’s bad enough having to hear the “IN THE HOLE!!!” guy on the tee box of the par fours and fives, but the last tournament I channel surfed by seemed to have the mic pointing into the grandstand on 18. I had to listen to every drunk nattering about this and that while they were trying to putt out. I guess they’re not paying the production staff enough to pay attention to which mic is open. Either that or the PGA Commissioner thinks we need to have virtual reality feeling of actually being there in the grandstands. Guess what? I quit going to golf tournaments because of all the drunks and cellphone whiners. Why would I want it brought into my living room?

BTW, Yes, this is my “Get off my lawn!” moment.

While golf used to be wonderfully exciting to watch, we still have the option to go out and play golf ourselves rather than nap in front of the TV on Sunday. There are always new courses to explore and learn. Just like one would choose an attractive vacation spot… pick and choose the courses you enjoy. There are still plenty of courses that reward good ball striking. Those are more fun and challenging. Pristine conditions, while they may be beautiful, do not necessarily teach you all the shots. Hitting off hardpan, fluff, sidehill, lies, wind, a tight lie, punching one out of a divot… all should be an integral part of the game. Enjoy the challenge and know that in the long run, it’s making you a better player.

Wow. It’s not that bad mate. Golf is still golf. Maybe take it down a notch?

I do like playing much more than watching. Although, watching golf was fun too in the past. Not so much anymore. I play alot of the munis around here. Most were designed and built in the 1950-60s so they aren’t the bomb fest courses the modern course have become. I actually enjoy having to place a drive away from the fairway bunker and actually have to play a shot into a dog leg instead of the modern game of just flying the fairway bunker and going over the trees to cut the corner. Playing the course as designed rather than trying to over come it.

I just get tired of seeing the PGA/USGA trying to ruin the game in the name of profit and ratings (which = profits). Ripping out greens that have been around for decades to replace them with the same grass the pros like to play cause they whined about it. Constantly changing the courses to add more yardage, easing up on tough par 5 holes to make them more “exciting” (more eagles).

It now seems like they are trying to make golf exciting by adding in more “fan” participation. Used to be when a drunk kept yelling obnoxiously at the players on the course, they would be escorted off the premises. Now, they seem to be getting mic-ed up to fill in the gaps between the announcers incessantly praising how great the player is for doing something rather mediocre for a “professional”.

As for the other commenter about “Taking it down a notch.” You seem to be missing the forest for the trees. Golf is not still golf. The fact that we have people having to go back to old equipment and persimmon woods and seeking out older courses should be telling. It’s not just for nostalgia sake, but for the sake of authentic golf.

I’ll give you a recent personal example. I’m playing with a friend on a “modern” course so I bring my persimmon and titanium drivers. Playing on a par 5, I hit a real nice persimmon driver 264 yards into the middle of the fairway. I’m quite happy with it. (We have cart GPS so we point to point it for an actual yardage). He hits his modern titanium driver and drives it into the fairway 266 yards and is beaming cause he got me by a couple of yards. Okay, I’ll hit my modern titanium driver. I knew I could cut the corner on the left side since I know I can carry it further. I hit it 333 yards leftside fairway. We get out and GPS it and he doesn’t believe it. Must be because I cut the corner. I reminded him it was GPS point to point. He was amazed and excited and said “Wow, that’s Bubba distance!”. I say, “Exactly.” He still didn’t get the point. Same swing, same player, just an equipment change up. I was much prouder of that persimmon drive than the techno-steroided titanium drive. One shot I earned, the other I got a technology crutch to help me.

Which is truer golf?