The Olympic Club

Posted a bunch of photos with twomasters and myself finding our way around The Olympic Club in the Persimmon forum here…

Great pics was fortunate to play there 12 yrs ago seemed like long irons in to every green except that short par 4. Is pic 14 showing 4;30 line? looks good there.


Just wondered that as pro’s if you and Two Masters get courtesy or concessionary rates when you go to clubs in the US? I seem to remember when I was young that PGA Pro’s in the UK could get courtesy at most courses if they rang in advance, it was one of the few perks of the job. Not sure if its the same anymore or was ever like that in other countries?

Cheers, Arnie

back when I was on tour… if you had a card on any of the world tours… you were pretty much comped at any course…
I used to be able to get on some amazing places… just being a tour player…

It’s not like that anymore… when golf exploded… every other person was claiming to be a pro… and that all ended…

But in this case… Twomasters was able to set up comp rounds for us because of his star status!! :sunglasses:

The other week when he was over, I’m pretty sure Alex was given a free ride at each of the 4 courses we played. I know he certainly did at 2 of them and am pretty sure the other 2 followed suit.

I think it is down to how you approach clubs as well. If you arrive and state you are a pro your chances are not as good as when you ring or write in advance.

We always call in advance…

NEVER just show up! :astonished:

LagP, Who is twomasters? I saw the pics but can’t place him, forgive my ignorance

He exposes himself in the private area of this forum… :sunglasses: The Lone Ranger!

He exposes himself in the private area of this forum… :sunglasses: The Lone Ranger!

looking hard at those pics and a little extra weight… hmmmm…

No more hints! lol
wink… :sunglasses:

lol …got it

Ben Hogan discussing the Olympic Club in Daly City, California, his favorite US Open site.

" I like them tough. Especially the tee shot. Olympic Club, under US Open conditions, puts a premium on every shot- the drive, the second shot, the putt. Most courses don’t do this. They let up on something. But there, they don’t. If you miss the fairway, you can’t put the ball on the green from the rough.
I played with Jackie Burke in a practice round the first time we played out there. We had a little gallery, but he lost 7 balls in eighteen holes…The people in the gallery would say, ‘Well, it hit right there’, and we would get down there and we couldn’t find it. And Jackie was a good driver"

Here’s a pic of Hogan in the US Open playoff at Olympic Club with Jack Fleck hitting from the rough.
They certainly don’t grow rough like that any more and remember this is 1955 !!
scan0035 (2).jpg

That’s a great pic 2M—thanks…It reminds me a little of Phil Mick a couple years a go complaining about hurting his wrist practicing from the rough. Dont get me wrong, Phil is great and a fan favorite, but I was thinking----If you need to parctice from the rough, you REALLY need to work on the tees shot that got you there!