The Long and Short of it.....

Years ago I studied Geiberger’s action a bunch because I liked his tempo and thoughts on some things. One thought in particular that always stuck with me was his admonition that there is only one fast part in the swing…and that better be through the ball. Made sense then and now.

I’ve been carrying that type of thinking lately over to hitting too. Except with a little different twist to it.

I think there is a short moment and a long moment. The short moment is the CP action and the long moment is PV5. I think some people who struggle with things reverse the order. They start out going way inside ( short ), then go long through the zone ( long ), then are left with no choice but to get short again post impact ( short ). Feels to me like the proper order is Long…Short…Long versus Short…Long…Short.

So maybe two Longs do make a right afterall. :slight_smile:


I have been reading your posts now for a while with great admiration. I understand this one totally. I agree.


here’s a little different take on your long and short of it…

smaller circle V larger circle…as in a movie projector with a small reel and a large reel

which one would stay tighter, closer, and give more speed and control ?..see diagram below and compare to golf thru swing…one would be a ‘hitter’, one would be a ‘swinger’

radius of swing.JPG

Yeah, that’s another good way of projecting that shorter and tighter is the way through the pressure zone. I like it. :slight_smile: