The Eyes Have It....

Help a golfer out…

In the 30 Years I’ve been playing golf…I have found that my best golf is played when I am able to stand over shots and “see” trajectory and ball flight as I address the ball.

If I focus on where I want the ball to go…it appears to me that I both make better contact & enjoy the game more.

What doesn’t work for me is to stand over shots and attempt to “remind myself” of a swing move that happened to improve my ball striking on the range during warm up.

I feel my observation has been supported by what I see on TV each week. ie…The Leaders of PGA Tour events who are playing their best golf. They appear to me to use Visuals way more than us average golfers. You actually witness caddies standing next to players POINTING to spots they think their pro should hit their ball.

What you DON’T see is caddies standing next to a Tour Pro going through a “swing motion” or “swing thought” that appears to be working for the day.

So…have many of you had success eliminating swing thoughts altogether & merely focusing on ball flight ???