Tee ball alignment

I been using the line on the ball as a reference for my tee ball lately
My golfing buddy uses a dot and lines that up at 3 oclock on the tee
Does any one else use this ?

I never really pay any attention to the ball alignment on the tee. Only maybe the sharpie dot where the club face will hit so i can see afterwards where it was hit on the face. I just position myself where i think the ball will go and hit!

Same thing goes for my putts. I dont use any line reference, just focus on the overall path and commit to it with my putter.

This is just me though! Although I probably should start using some kind of point of reference when teeing up and putting, but to be honest i get lazy doing it! haha :confused:

Alot of my freinds will draw lines on their balls and use that off the tee. I see pros use lines when teeing off as well to see how much spin is coming off the ball in the camera.

Yes I do this. I mark my ball by fattening up the alignment marks that most balls have with a sharpie. And the tee-shot isn’t getting hit until it is aligned perfectly with where I want it to go. I stand behind it, facing the target when I align it, and It takes 1, 2 or 3 minor adjustments sometimes until I have it just right. Repeat on the next tee-box. I do not use it for putting.

By coincidence I was just thinking about this during my round on Sunday. I was pondering whether I should go back to my old method, of using an intermediate spot in front of the ball, to make all shots the same. Or, to be precise, the minor difference on the tee-box might be that I pick the intermediate spot (divot, broken tee, etc.) first, place my ball second.

That was not the only time I thought about it on Sunday. I rolled up on a foursome that was yet to tee-off on hole #7, a severely downhill par 3. I was under the impression that these guys were regulars on the course, while I played it for the first time. None of these guys looked like horrible hackers, but I saw all four of them hit it in the junk to the right of the green. I was thinking “that won’t happen to me” just before they told me they were letting me play through. So now I had to prove it (to myself, I hadn’t said it out loud)! I must have taken a full minute to tee my ball up and align it perfectly, or at least it felt that way. Thankfully I put a nice swing on it, and hit it straight over the green. I will take at least one club less next time. I was able to play out before they had found their balls.

I do the same but for also for putting. Makes you really think about where you are lining up the line on the tee but you also point to a very specific spot in the fairway or green. It may not help you swing better, but at least you know you lined your ball up to a very accurate target. If you don’t hit that target at least you know what you actually hit versus what you intended. Most people just stick a ball down on a tee and swing away. If they are right of the flag, they say they pushed it. Left of the flag, they pulled it. I’m standing behind them and thinking, “You hit it exactly where you were aimed.”

You do feel a bit funny being bent over the ball on the tee adjusting it a few times but you get used to it. Especially when you hit tons of fairways/greens.

Aim small, miss small. :smiley: